Tony Schreiber

A message from the Chair – January 2023

Welcome to our first edition of steel Australia for 2023, in which we proudly showcase the winners of our 2022 Steel Excellence Awards.   

On behalf of the ASI Board, I thank everyone who contributed to the awards process and to those who nominated individuals, teams and projects in the various categories.  Special thanks to each of the state and national judging panel members for their time, guidance and professionalism.

Our Steel Excellence Awards give us the opportunity to recognise the innovative use of steel and the benefit that our industry provides society.  

More deeply, the awards provide us the opportunity to reflect proudly on just how a dynamic industry we are. The delivery of projects is the culmination of co-operation and collaboration between designers, fabricators, constructors, manufacturers, distributors and logistics providers.  

Within each of these elements of our steel supply chain is an incredible array of people and professions who make everything possible. 

Our industry nurtures the ongoing personal and professional development for thousands of people – trades people, engineers, business developers, marketers, maintenance professionals, finance, supply chain practitioners, advanced data analysts, virtual modellers, computer scientists, programmers, health and safety professionals, robotic programmers and many others. 

Our industry embraces emerging technologies as a matter of course. This is because we are always seeking to enhance our competitiveness and our relevance to the needs of the communities that we serve. This continuous improvement mindset—that sees us all strive to be faster, stronger and better as an industry—creates a dynamic environment in which career options abound.

Our ASI team is very active on a range of priorities and projects that aim to motivate and enthuse future generations to embrace a career in the steel industry.  Additionally, the team is focused on actions to build the skills pipeline across areas of need. We are an industry in which learning never ends. We are an industry where continuous improvement, and breakthrough technological change, co-exist as equal priorities to position us well for the future. 

We see many people and organisations across our industry proactively using social media platforms such as LinkedIn to share success stories, highlight the contribution of individuals and to tangibly demonstrate that our industry is a home for people from all walks of life, all educational backgrounds, all age groups, and of all types of capability.  

We each have a role to play in creating the opportunities for others that were created for us.  

We each have an important role to play in strengthening our people for the future.

Tony Schreiber
Chair, Australian Steel Institute


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