ASI Quarterly Update: Autumn 2024

The Australian Steel Institute (ASI) publishes a comprehensive quarterly update, providing detailed insights into the dynamics of the global steel market. The report includes critical information on international benchmark pricing, tracking changes and trends that impact the industry.

There is in-depth analysis on pricing fluctuations, supply and demand shifts, and emerging trends that influence the global steel market. The update helps equip industry professionals with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions in a constantly evolving market landscape.

In addition, ASI provides an update on initiatives that it has implemented over the course of the last quarter, as well as major project opportunities on the horizon and manufacturing industry grant funding schemes that are currently open.

ASI Initiatives

Find out about all the latest ASI initiatives in areas like steel skills strategic initiative, state government advocacy for local steel content, sustainability, and quality assurance.

Project Opportunities

The following links provide reports and listings of major projects in the planning or execution stage. 

Manufacturing Industry Grant Funding Schemes

The new Commonwealth government has revised the available funding schemes, with the following links proving details on what is now available.

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Explore upcoming industry events for July and August 2024.