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The Australian Steel Institute (ASI)  believes that education is our best opportunity to support a highly effective and efficient supply chain—from engineers, architects, fabricators, right through to students and academics.  It is also one of the most effective ways to overcome the skilled labour shortages being experienced right across Australia. The ASI is working on several new initiatives for steel detailers and rollformers, and has recently released an accredited training course for shed builders, as well as a series of ‘Induction to Steel’ training courses. 

n response to member feedback, the ASI is facilitating industry-led training and certification programs designed to develop much-needed skills and expertise in various aspects of steel manufacturing, assembly and installation. A selection of the training initiatives we are working on is outlined below.

Steel detailers training

With the support of the Australian Construction Modellers Association (ACMA), the ASI recently held the webcast seminar Introduction to Steel Detailing and Construction Modelling, which was prepared and presented by Paul McLeod of Tekcon Services.

The content of the seminar is soon due to be made available as part of an ASI eLearning course. With a severe shortage of experienced steel detailers currently occurring in Australia, the eLearning course will provide those interested in steel detailing and construction modelling with an introduction to the background, processes, procedures and software involved in this key part of the building industry supply chain. Part one of the course will be offered to view free of charge on the ASI website.

ACMA is also planning to develop more comprehensive training material which will follow the contents of the Australian Steel Detailers Handbook.

Roll former training

As an essential manufacturing process used to transform sheet steel into profiled shapes, roll forming is an important segment within the Australian steel industry. ASI worked with its roll former members to develop training modules for the nationally recognised Certificate II in Engineering – Roll Forming. It was developed to help ensure participants can effectively perform operational tasks to a nationally recognised standard.

The Certificate II has 14 modules, which each require approximately one hour of classroom style learning with a teacher and two hours on a factory floor to observe and confirm competence. The first pilot of the Certificate II—held at Kangan Institute in Victoria—has concluded. It proved to be very successful, with learning materials, and student engagement all receiving positive feedback.  

Two pilot classes were run with TAFE NSW in 2022, and will be followed by another class in 2023. Carey Training in South Australia and the Northern Territory ran a successful pilot class in 2022. Whilst in Queensland, the Outsource Institute of Technology (OIT) is preparing to run their first class.

For any enquiries relating to the Certificate II in Engineering – Roll Forming training, please contact David Varcoe at

Accredited training course for shed builders

ShedSafe® recently released a shed builder training course, which aims to improve safety and build capacity within Australia’s booming shed industry. It heralds an exciting and recognised career pathway for new and existing shed builders.

The release of the ASI’s shed builder training course comes at a critical
time as demand for commercial and home improvement projects continues to grow.

Developed by ShedSafe® in conjunction with the Australian Steel Institute (ASI) and Masters in Building Training (MIBT), the 18 unit, online, self-paced course complements the practical on-site experience. The course provides for new entrants who wish to gain a qualification over a two year period.

It covers all aspects of building safe and compliant prefabricated metal-framed homes and structures, including sheds, garages, decks, patios and carports. On completion of the course, shed builders gain accredited skills and a recognised qualification. The
course is open to shed builders in
New South Wales and Queensland,
with plans for rollout to shed builders in other Australian states and territories over time.

The statement of attainment (SoA) achieved via the course is required for licensing by New South Wales Fair Trading for anyone involved in the erection of pre-fabricated metal-framed home additions and structures comprising decks, patios, gazebos, awnings, porches, verandahs, pergolas, screened or glass enclosures, modular rooms, carports, garages, workshops, sheds and other similar additions and structures, including any residential building work incidental to the erection of such additions or structures.

The course is designed to suit those considering a career in shed building; securing a recognised qualification; and a new service offering. It is also aimed at the development of new and existing employees. Experienced shed builders can apply for recognition of prior learning to accelerate their qualification.

Industry support

The course has already received industry support, particularly from Stramit— one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of roll formed steel building products.

According to Stramit’s general manager of sales Tony Jankulovski, “We need more highly trained professionals to support the shed industry. The ShedSafe training program is comprehensive. It covers all aspects of shed building, from planning, measuring and interpreting plans to construction, customer service, safety and financial management. It’s the complete training package. It offers builders and customers complete peace of mind.”

Click here to learn more about the shed builders course.

All new ‘Induction to Steel’ training courses

Need to get new or existing employees up to speed on steel, but not sure where to start? The ASI’s Induction to Steel online training courses are the answer. 

Designed to provide an overview of the industry and the employee’s role in steel, these simple, easy-to-use courses cater for everyone from factory floor and administration employees to detailers, and engineering graduates. It is designed to provide an overview of the steel industry, giving context to an employee’s role, responsibilities, and interaction with other members of the steel supply chain.

There are three options available in our series of ‘Induction to Steel’ courses: Basics, Fundamentals and Fundamentals Extended. Simply pick the option that best suits you or your employee’s needs to discover more about the Australian steel supply chain.

The 90-minute Basics course is a standalone module and provides a general overview of the industry for shopfloor and administration staff. 

The four-hour Fundamentals course covers everything in more detail and are for staff in technical, engineering and design roles to provide a more detailed view of the steel industry. Fundamentals is a pre-requisite to the six and a quarter hours Fundamentals Extended course, which is the most in-depth and technical of the three.

This module is designed for technical, engineering and design roles; with more advanced technical explanations and includes additional technical topics.

Our new courses are already receiving excellent feedback: “The course is an excellent initiative by ASI and a much needed resource for the steel supply chain. We found it to be comprehensive and with the three different levels of course there is something for every company employee”. (Southern Steel, New South Wales).

Depending on the modules completed, staff will:

  • Understand how steel is made, from preparation of raw materials through reduction and refining to shaping into the final steel product
  • Understand the different types of steel products and their uses
  • Be aware of the range of post-processing available to create the structural steel products we utilise every day
  • Appreciate and identify the quality needed to ensure our products are fit-for-purpose and risk minimised
  • Understand the steel supply chain and where they fit into it.

Click here to learn more about the Induction to Steel courses.


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