Atilla Mustafa: 2022 Steel Excellence Award winner

Atilla Mustafa won the ASI’s 2022 Steel Excellence Award in the Victoria and Tasmania Young Designer, Detailer and Trades Person category.

Atilla is undertaking a boilermaking apprenticeship at Structural Challenge while completing his Certificate III in Engineering (Fabrication). At 22 years of age, Mustafa commenced his apprenticeship later than most. However, Mustafa has wasted no time in proving his commendable work ethic and dedication. From his first day, Atilla has displayed a passion and willingness to learn as much as he can about the steel industry. 

Initially, Atilla Mustafa commenced his career with a plumbing apprenticeship. He soon realised that working with metal was where his passion lay, and sought out a boilermaking apprenticeship, securing a position with both SCA and ESC certified Structural Challenge soon after.

According to Atilla, “Steel is my passion. I feel Structural Challenge will give me the skills I can use in my dream of working as an underwater welder on oil rigs, actually, anything is possible, as long as I am working in the steel industry, I will be happy.”  

During his time at Structural Challenge, Atilla is learning all facets of boilermaking under the guidance of experienced boilermakers. He is currently certified under CC3 compliance, and works to this standard. His eagerness to take a hands on approach has continued to grow every day, and has seen him complete jobs and tasks that some experienced boilermakers would find challenging.

This willingness to push himself, learn and take on greater responsibilities has earned him the respect of all his colleagues, and cemented his reputation as someone who is highly valued amongst the Structural Challenge team. 

According to Merrill Degee (Production Manager, Structural Challenge), “Atilla displays a willingness to learn and take on whatever challenge or job is given to him, and with a great attitude and respect for his superiors, he will turn out to be a good tradesman.” 

During the course of his apprenticeship, Atilla has played an active role on several major infrastructure projects across Victoria, including the Metro Tunnel, Arden Station, Preston Station, Sunshine Mental Health Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne Remand Centre, Youth Justice Centre and CSL. These projects have been vital in his growth and development.

Managing director of Structural Challenge, Maria Mavrikos has been impressed by Atilla’s skills and motivation. “Atilla is mature in his approach and has proved to be willing to learn and his work ethic is commendable. He has been a motivated team player and has earned the respect of the team. Atilla is also undergoing a Certificate IV in Process Manufacturing (on the job training) where he has been an absolutely fantastic contributor, coming up with great initiatives and improvements in lean processes.”

“It is not often we get apprentices who show the passion and drive we have seen from Atilla, and we believe he has a great future in the industry,” Maria said.


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