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Combilift celebrates 25 years

Combilift, a prominent global manufacturer of multi-directional forklifts and a leader in long load handling solutions, recently marked a significant milestone in its journey: 25 years in business. To commemorate this achievement, the company unveiled three groundbreaking products that highlight its commitment to innovation and excellence. These new offerings are designed to address the unique challenges faced by various industries, from offshore wind to warehousing and fleet management.

Combi-LC: revolutionising offshore wind handling

One of Combilift’s most exciting product launches is the Combi-LC Blade Mover, a testament to the company’s expanding horizons. This innovative solution marks Combilift’s entry into the offshore wind sector, where it aims to cater to the load handling demands of large-scale offshore wind manufacturers.

Developed at Combilift’s headquarters and manufacturing plant in Monaghan, Ireland, in collaboration with Siemens Gamesa, the Combi-LC is poised to transform the offshore wind industry. The Combi-LC has been meticulously designed to facilitate the seamless movement of wind turbine blades and towers through various production stages and onto storage locations. Its ability to handle oversized products with precision and safety makes it an indispensable asset for offshore wind projects, contributing to greater efficiency and productivity.

Combi-LC @ Siemens Gamesa

Combi-AGT: autonomous guided forklift excellence

The Combi-AGT autonomous guided forklift truck is engineered to revolutionise the way long loads are handled in narrow aisles. It can operate in guided aisles, ensuring optimal space utilisation, and can also roam freely when necessary. It offers users the flexibility of manual driving when required, making it a versatile solution. A 4-wheel electric stand-on sideloader, the Combi-AGT harnesses smart technology to meet customer demands for driverless sideloader capability with a capacity of 5,000kg. This enhanced adaptive safety system enables the size of the obstacle detection fields to increase or decrease as per the steer angle and speed of the truck. The patent pending load dimension detection system operates by performing a laser scan of the load to check that its length matches the task sent to the machine.

25yr Combilift Employess

Combi Connect: telematics for enhanced fleet management

Combi Connect is a telematics software product designed to provide customers with invaluable insights into fleet management and usage. Real-time data is a game-changer in the world of logistics and material handling, and Combi Connect delivers exactly that. This telematics solution offers comprehensive information on fleet performance, including location tracking, usage analytics, and maintenance alerts. With this data readily available, businesses can make informed decisions to improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance overall performance. Combi Connect represents a significant step forward in fleet management technology, supporting organisations in optimising their material handling processes. Embark on a journey toward enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and elevated safety with Combi Connect.


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