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Creating opportunity. Creating strength.

BlueScope is an Australian-born, global success story, spanning 18 countries, with a team of over 15,000 people. The company is driven by innovation and is proud that the technologies in its products and brands, like COLORBOND® steel, inspire and protect everything from hospitals and bridges to stadiums and homes.

BlueScope is dedicated to supporting its people, keeping them safe, rewarding successes, and helping individuals grow. From learning and development opportunities to a range of programs and benefits that support and strengthen each and every one at different times. The company offers work-life flexibility through its B-flex program and makes sure an inclusive work environment welcomes people of all backgrounds. 

Learning and development

BlueScope believes that learning is a right, not a privilege. The company invests continuously in development, offering opportunities to expand, diversify and strengthen their employees’ experience.

Krystal Storey began with BlueScope Distribution in 2013 as a key account manager. Her aim was to become a sales manager or location manager with responsibility for making sure a business segment worked successfully. Today, Storey is the Branch Manager at Albury which is one of the largest regional sites in the country.

As Storey looked back over her BlueScope time, she explained, “All the way through, I have been offered different projects or targets to keep me motivated and I have been able to take on more responsibility to allow me to mature in the business.” 

“For my long-term career progression, one of the best parts of what the company has offered me has been the vast array of training and personal development opportunities. I have been able to be a part of many different project teams and professional development platforms. These have included a Leadership Essentials training program and Acceleration P&L program.”

A more flexible future with B-flex

The workplace of the future is a more flexible one, and something BlueScope has been working on for a while. At the heart of B-flex is the belief that all roles have some degree of flexibility, some more than others. 

For some of BlueScope’s employees, it’s about compressing their hours, creating a four-day week, a nine-day fortnight or even simply a monthly rostered day off (RDO). Others have come up with ways of sharing roles: for example, two supervisors in the Western Port mill share a position month on, month off. As one stated, “I’ve got a lot still to offer the company in terms of experience and knowledge and this gives me the best of both worlds”.

One of the new job-share working arrangements even involves a father-and-daughter duo, with the dad transitioning towards retirement and his daughter balancing work with the enjoyment and demands of having a young family. “It’s perfect. Dad and I get to work the hours that fit in with the lives each of us want to have.”

The greatest appeal of B-flex has been the improvement in lifestyle balance. Not surprisingly, workers report improved mental health, lifestyle and job satisfaction. At the same time, management has found that a happier, more flexible workforce has also led to things like better productivity, less absenteeism, and improved safety.

Social impact and inclusion

BlueScope integrates social impact and inclusion into everything they do: community partnerships and networks; human rights; comfort to speak up, feeling safe at work; and building leadership capability. BlueScope’s inclusion and diversity goal is for an organisation where all people who work for or with them—regardless of how they identify themselves—feel valued and included at work. 

Health and wellbeing

BlueScope employees have access to an extensive health and wellbeing program. It provides a wealth of offerings such as counselling, financial and legal services, as well as access to a wellbeing platform with resources and self-help tools focused on fitness, nutrition, and mental health.

BlueScope also offers a range of extra employee benefits like additional leave entitlements, education and assistance with further studies, and their Real Deals program. This program gives employees a wide range of special offers on products and services from strategic partners, like health insurance, accommodation, flights, car hire, IT products and even new cars.

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