• During 2023-24, membership grew to one of the highest retention rates on record (93%) and a 25% increase in fabricator members. The biggest driver was the continued support and advocacy ASI provides for the steel industry and the impact this directly has on their business, along with increasing uptake and success of ASI compliance schemes such as Steel Sustainability Australia and Steelwork Compliance Australia. ASI members receive significant reductions on audit costs, an incentive for membership.

  • Membership grew to 6,370 in 2023-2024, up from 5,557 the previous year.

  • ASI now has 611 corporate members, up from 554 the year previous

  • Fabricator membership enjoyed a 25% increase in 2023-2024, with an additional 61 members joining ASI. The ASI offers support, engagement and consultation to the fabrication community. This along with substantial discounts to all fabricators for the SCA and SSA compliance schemes has seen the fabricator membership continue to grow.

  • Professional membership increased by 13%. This was driven by the focus on communications with members on latest developments in the steel industry, technical updates, education and training offerings and opportunities.

  • The ASI launched a jobs board that provides an unmatched opportunity for companies that want to reach candidates who are passionate about the steel industry, with 9,900 job views since inception in July 2023

  • The ASI is an active user of social media to promote its services. The ASI website has more than 700,000 page views and the ASI LinkedIn page more than 70,000 impressions in the past financial year.

  • ASI welcomed 1087 attendees at ASI events and seminars throughout the year. ASI bookshop, eLibrary, events and eLearning continue to provide tools for education, training and development to those seeking to better understand the steel industry.

  • The total reach of databases was 21,865.



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