Oceano: 2022 Steel Excellence Award winner

Oceano won the ASI’s 2022 Steel Excellence Award in the NSW and ACT Small Buildings category.

A spectacular location set the scene for an ambitious cantilevered house designed to float above the tree line. Arguably one of the most difficult sites in Australia on which to construct a building, the land featured a 60 degree slope, as well as a 6m cliff at its centre. The build boasted over 65 tonnes of custom fabricated structural steel to achieve the cantilevered structure. The frame is compromised of a series of trusses that were pre-fabricated off site and transported down a narrow shared access road from the top of the site. 

The fabricated trusses for the long sides of the Oceano home created the double storey structural walls. The built-in platforms around three sides of the house also negated the need for any scaffold.

Once the first level of trusses and secondary members, including cold rolled joists were installed, the flooring then created a safe working platform for the project team.

With its proximity to the ocean, all structural elements were galvanized for increased durability and longevity. With the trusses ranging up to 13m in length and over 3m in height, this necessitated ‘double dipping’ in a galvanizing bath.

The team worked together closely throughout the project, with BIM models shared for collaboration and a 3D model used for erection.

The end result is a durable, warm and architecturally delightful four bedroom home overlooking Bouddhi National Park and beach in Copacabana.

Project team

  • Entering Organisation: Coastal Steel Fabrications
  • Building Designer: AED Studio
  • Structural Engineer: Rise Engineers
  • Head Building Contractor: JCP Constructions
  • Distributor or Manufacturer: Southern Steel, Lysaght
  • Steel Fabricators: Coastal Steel Fabrications
  • Steel Detailers: Innovatuz
  • Coatings Supplier: Industrial Galvanizers


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