Sun Engineering transforms visions into reality

Sun Engineering is a one-stop shop for the design, procurement, manufacturing, and installation of steel products. The company was founded by Patrick McMonagle, who opened a small workshop in Ipswich in 1974. The business expanded rapidly, which prompted the move to a nearby facility in Carole Park. Today, this site continues to provide clients with the convenience of turnkey solutions.

One of Sun Engineering’s most recent projects includes the Breakfast Creek Green Bridge in Newstead, Brisbane.

Business Development Manager Sourou Thenet said the project highlighted the company’s full-service suite. 

“The scope of work, including detailed drafting, procurement, manufacturing, protective coating, and delivery, showcased Sun Engineering’s capabilities in providing end-to-end solutions for complex infrastructure projects.”

Over 35,000 labour hours were required before the bridge was assembled into one unit at the port-side lay down area, and then lifted into place using a barge along the Brisbane River. The steel portion of the bridge measured over 90m wide, 15m high and a weight of 290 tonnes.

“During manufacturing our team continuously used 3D scanning to ensure the cambers and curves of the arches were built to the design specification,” Thenet said.

Similarly, Sun Engineering was awarded the contract for the fabrication of steel pontoons at the Southbank and Howard Smith Whard Terminals, which are familiar for users of the CityCat Ferry service in Brisbane. The ferries are an essential public transport link allowing for travel along the Brisbane River.

The project team undertook detailed drafting, procurement, fabrication, protective coating and delivery of the pontoons. The team used steel fenders, crumple zones, and structural steel for the roof.

Breakfast Creek Green Bridge in Newstead, Brisbane

“Due to the overall size of each terminal, pontoons had to be fabricated in sections and designed in a way to enable transportation to the port for assembly and eventual launching of each unit,” Thenet said.

The project team navigated several challenges associated with engineering design, planning, material selection, environmental considerations, regulatory compliance, and community impact.

“The significance of such projects often lies in enhancing public transportation infrastructure, providing accessibility to different parts of the city, reducing traffic congestion, and contributing to the overall development and connectivity of urban areas,” Thenet said.

The Carole Park facility offers more than 28,000m2 in space for fabricators to transform their vision into reality. It boasts four carbon steel workshop areas, a stainless steel workshop, painting booth and fitting bay.

“Sun Engineering’s diverse manufacturing capabilities, ranging from OEM items, process tanks, mining equipment, steel bridges, piping, complex plate structures, road infrastructure, gas skids and other bespoke products demonstrate our ability to cater to a wide array of industries and projects,” Thenet said.

Sun Engineering’s skilled tradespeople can manufacture single items up to 40m in length and 8m high. 

The Carole Park facility was awarded the 2022 Queensland Premier’s export awards in the manufacturing and advanced materials award category.

“This recognition is a testament to the Sun Engineering’s dedication to exporting quality Australian fabricated steel to the global market,” Thenet said.


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