The Shore Brace 400 hydraulic bracing system

The Shore Brace 400 initiative is an exemplar of modern Australian engineering. Hot-dip galvanized for Shore Hire by the experts at Galserv (part of NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure), this hydraulic bracing system isn’t just built for the now—it delivers an extended lifespan that is unique in the for-hire market.

The Shore Brace 400 is a modular hydraulic bracing system comprising various-sized extension beams. It features double-pinned joints for increased capacity and incorporates double-acting hydraulics for smooth operation in extension and retraction. This is complemented by hydraulic lock-off valves for unparalleled control and safety.

On the ground, the Shore Brace 400 is a force to be reckoned with. The system can support rectangle, square or multi-sided excavations up to 20m without cross supports. From cofferdams to complex basement constructions, it can shore up large tank and pipeline installations as well as substantial building foundations. With a fleet that now weighs in at around 250 tonnes, the Shore Brace 400 system is a formidable player in the structural support game—and the only Australian-made product of its kind.

Designed and developed by Shore Hire, the Shore Brace 400 was first conceived in 2018 and was followed by five years of rigorous R&D to ensure their product would meet the requirements of long life for a tough application.

According to Joshua Nolan, General Manager at Galserv, a hot-dip galvanising specialist firm with over 60 years’ experience, “The most pleasing aspect of the Shore Brace 400 project was Galserv’s collaboration with our customer, providing ongoing technical support from inception to delivery of the new product to market.”

The engineering team used double-pinned joints and double-acting hydraulics for increased capacity. Through a rigorous design process, engineers settled on a series of highly complex connector points, holes for pins, and interlocking fingers, which are strengthened by an internal crossbar. Hydraulic lock-off valves are used for additional control and safety. Together, this assists with the system’s smooth operation in extension and retraction.

Nolan said these steel components provide unmatched benefits. “The Shore Brace 400 system is made from five-star 460 grade steel and has been specifically galvanised by Galserv for longevity and product design line creating a unique for-hire system.”

This innovative, safe, sustainable, and cost-effective solution could pave the way for a future of sustainable for-hire practices. “This enables the system to be rehired as many times as possible across many projects, significantly reducing carbon footprint associated with the product when compared to single use bespoke steel walers which generally get scrapped after use,” Nolan said.

Galserv’s Yagoona facility is accredited to AS/NZS ISO 14001 which places environmental performance at the heart of operations. It ensures a standardised approach to managing a business with an environmentally friendly and sustainable focus. Galserv is proud to recover and recycle all scrap materials, including steel and ash.

Meanwhile, the company’s zinc wastage—generated during the galvanising process—is reused in future works. Shore Hire’s engine-free product fleet reduces emissions when compared to other solutions in the sector. The launch of this product has attracted a market share increase and interest from other companies.

“An excellent and innovative solution developed with a client to serve an identified need in market. Uses circularity principles well in creating a product for hire and reuse to replace one-off supports.” ~ Judges


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