Tom Quinn: 2022 Steel Excellence Award winner

An enthusiastic 20 year old, Tom Quinn is a third year electrical apprentice at GFG Liberty Primary Steel’s Whyalla Steelworks. Throughout his apprenticeship, Tom has demonstrated a strong sense of commitment, and a constant desire to seek out additional responsibilities as part of his learning process. His passion to learn new things is driven by his motivation to be challenged.

The Young Tradesperson Award recognised Tom’s teamwork, communications, results, resilience, attendance and punctuality, motivation (passion to learn), responsiveness and problem solving.

According to Liberty Primary Steel managing director Tony Swiericzuk, “This is an amazing achievement for Tom to be recognised at these prestigious industry awards. It is a credit to him for his hard work and dedication to his training and work at Liberty Primary Steel.”

“It is also recognition of our apprenticeship program that was recommenced in 2020 and will now employ even more apprentices next year,” Tony said.

A Whyalla local, Tom is now in the third year of his apprenticeship as an electrician with his current rotation in Steel Products electrical maintenance. In his acceptance speech, Tom was quick to acknowledge his colleagues while praising the Liberty Primary Steel Apprentice program. “This award was made possible by GFG Alliance and Liberty Primary Steel recommencing the apprenticeship program in 2020 and all the stakeholders involved,” Tom said. 

“That includes my fellow apprentice Aaron Kwaterski, supervisor Scott Hockey and apprentice lead Stephen Pearce. I have been able to build up a foundation of knowledge to complete my work at a high standard while building my skills in the electrical trades space.”

“It is great to be recognised with this award and I’m ecstatic to win it,” Tom said.

Dedication and ambition 

The GFG Liberty Apprenticeship Program requires the delivery of 25 projects to hone skills development. This includes components related to project management skills such as: time management (completing the project within the allocated timeframe); quality (completing projects assigned to the specific standard and specifications); and resources (delivering the project with the specified equipment, tools and resources).

Tom has exceeded expectations in all of the above components, and prides himself on his ability and desire to excel. His ability to develop good interpersonal relationships and willingness to assist co-workers without being asked has built his reputation within the business as a reliable and supportive team player. His colleagues view him as someone who is approachable, and who actively collaborates.

One of Tom’s most impressive qualities is his ability to take personal responsibility in any task set before him. His ability to multitask and adapt to changing and challenging work environments are always evident. Never afraid to ask questions, he is able to seek and use constructive feedback as an opportunity to learn from his mistakes and grow in his role.


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