Valiant and Katana system by Ficep

Integrated drilling and cutting for steel construction

For the steel construction industry, automation and process efficiency are crucial when it comes to meeting high quality standards. Ficep, a global leader in automatic steel processing, addresses these needs via its combined system featuring the Valiant drilling unit and the Katana band saw.

Process speed: optimising productivity

One standout feature of the Valiant and Katana system is its exceptional process speed, afforded by advanced automation and technology. Total process time is significantly reduced, particularly compared to scenarios that rely on specialised labour during the finishing phases. The process is highly controllable and predictable, aiding production planning. In addition to drilling, the Valiant can be used for automatic marking and milling operations. After leaving the drilling line, only welding remains before the final painting phase.

With the Katana, operators can swiftly execute straight and mitered cuts up to 60° while maintaining very high levels of precision and quality.

The Katana saw features horizontal and vertical hydraulic clamps that maximise workpiece stability, motor power, band saw blade rotation speeds, and automated handling phases. These functions deliver high speeds, as well as high standard cuts. FICEP’s new direct drive spindles transmit 100% of the motor power to the tool, resulting in even higher processing performance.

Complementary axis: maximum precision and flexibility

The sub-axis on all three spindles of the Valiant drilling centre is crucial for ensuring maximum precision and flexibility in operations. This feature allows simultaneous drilling on various profile surfaces, even if there are misaligned holes. The lower scribing device, also equipped with a complementary axis, enables simultaneous scribing on all four sides of the profile. This versatility facilitates a wide range of applications and complex operations.

Automatic 14-position tool changer: 360-degree versatility

Another strong point of the combined system is the automatic 14-position tool change system on each Valiant spindle. This enables a wide array of uninterrupted operations, boosting efficiency and minimising setup times.

The multi-functionality and versatility of Valiant, combined with the cutting precision and productivity of the CNC automatic band saw Katana, allow a single operator to complete numerous tasks in one pass, bypassing labour-intensive and hazardous handling phases.

Rapid installation without costly civil works

Installation of the combined Valiant and Katana system does not require expensive civil works. This translates into significant time and cost savings, accelerating production and minimising downtime. The system is ready to use in record time.

Full automation with remote app control

One of the most significant strengths of the Valiant and Katana system is the possibility of full automation. With remote control via a mobile app, operators can monitor and manage the system from anywhere, at any time. This functionality optimises production outside of working hours and during downtime, ensuring maximum operational efficiency.

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